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Turnkey Projects

Ever thought of starting a Beverage / Packaged drinking water plant as a Turnkey business?

Blue Swan provides you with all the required solutions for your Beverage bottling business from small to large scale fully automated production and packaging plant. It includes complete RO water purification with beverage preparation and mixing with automated pet blowing, filling, capping, labelling and shrink packaging the products. These process can be fully Automatic or Semi-automatic production Lines depending on the kind of budge you intend to put. However the beverage production line is entirely untouched by human while production.

We provide the best and wide range of indigenously developed equipment's & imported parts, to provide an innovative beverage & food processing solution to meet Individual requirements.

Trunkey Diagram

What we offer?
  • Complete Turnkey project from intake to final consumption.
  • Latest computer aided design tool & process flow implementation.
  • Customised design as per client budget & plant area.
  • Full training of plant operation & simple maintenance.
  • Complete maintenance contract with support & supervision.
  • Technical & operations manual
  • Branding: - Logo, product branding, website & promotion design.
  • Product Marketing strategy / selling & advertisement.
Our Turnkey Capabilities

Turnkey project management: A beverage turnkey project is more of an art than science. We at blue swan are realistic about the demands being made by our client. We are:

  • Flexible
  • Forward looking
  • Comprehensive
  • Uncompromising
  • Meticulous and procedural

Turnkey project development: As a full Beverage turnkey solution provider, BLUESWAN offers robust design-build and project implementation capabilities to complement our plant building services along with machineries supplied. We specialize in the efficient delivery of design-build, with a focus on mechanical, electrical, and controls system construction and repair which allows you to maximize your beverage production projects, ensuring timely results with the least risk.

Turnkey project planning:Planning is pivotal in Turnkey projects. Beverage Turnkey plant concept, design, and implementation on a fast-track schedule, is a complex undertaking, requiring a thorough knowledge of Beverage & water industry processes and expertise in many commercial and engineering disciplines.

We make a complete plan at the very start so that client is aware of the work being done and the cost that will be incurred while implementing the project.

Turnkey building & Constructions:We have expertise in offering services related to construction of project site and water retaining structures, we have been able to serve a large client base across India. We specialize in offering construction and design services like Plant Building Structures and Building structure for tanks, reservoirs, Overhead water tanks, Treatment plants and conveyors. Our construction service is limited to Beverage turnkey project related that also include Rain Water harvesting. Al our works are carried out as per project planning and as per client’s specifications. Our services are acclaimed for the timeliness of completion with customisation.

Why Beverage Turnkey project in India?
  • Non-alcoholic Beverage market in Indian is $5 billion & is expected to grow by 16-18% in next 3 years.
  • Only 25% of the Beverage market is organised the rest 75% is still unorganised.
  • Health beverage market is $300 million & is fastest growing.
  • Soft Drink (carbonated beverage) market is $ 1 billion a year.
  • Packaged drinking water is $65 million crates a year.
  • Abundant supply of raw material and ready availability & affordability of skilled labour.
  • Non-alcoholic Beverage contributes over 1% to India's GDP.

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