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We have provided complete Beverage Turnkey solution to BLUE VISTA International ltd. Their plants are fully automated & are untouched by human with the entire production process producing 20 different products. They produce 7 different Soft Drinks, Packaged drinking water and Fruit based CAN drinks. They also have their own fully automated Blowing unit that blow PET bottle for their product. These blowing unit have automated conveyors for auto feed. Their current production capacity of soft drink product is 4000 cases a day and had 200BPM filling unit with shrink sleeve labelling machine and Shrink case packaging.

They have been the first to introduce PET transparent CAN in India with 6 different fruit based drink.

BLUE SWAN has been the main supplier and technical partner in providing all machineries with all kind of technical supports. We have developed the entire plant and also do the maintenance of these machinery. For more information about their products and services kindly go to their website:


JALSUTRA is another packaged drinking turnkey project that has been running successfully from last 5 years. It is a fully automated Filling, Capping, labelling and Shrink packaging plant where the entire production process is untouched by human. Thus making it a clean and hygienic plant.

They product water in 7 different sizes, namely 1ltr, 2lts, 500ml, 200ml, 5ltr, 1.5ltr and 20ltr Jar.

They have a production capacity of 6000 cases a day with 160BPM filling machine. They also have BOPP labelling as well as shrink labelling machine along with online batch process and shrink packaging.

This project is one of the pioneer packaged drinking water project from Blue Swan. For more information about Jalsutra kindly check their Website:

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