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We believe in generating consistent and sustainable Food and Beverage production by providing efficient & smart automatic Plants & machineries that are made by latest technology available and are customise designed as per client requirements

Blue Swan Servicing and maintenance of RO water purifiers and Industrial water equipment service team offer a full maintenance and servicing package throughout the State and to all of our clients.

Any mechanical device requires maintenance and repairs due to regular wear and tear due to working condition. Certain day to day repairs at very small scale is done by the factory supervisor who has been trained by us. In case of serious break down our engineers tries to reach site as soon as possible.

Our commitment
  • We offer next day Breakdown service and fastest response time to our customers.
  • Our equipment comes with warranty and Customers can also buy extended warranty from us.
  • We offer a full no obligation service contract quotation system.
  • A full technical service schedule and specification will be produced for each contract.
  • Site specific engineer will be allocated to your factory for our equipments
  • Personal service not offered by any of our competitors.
  • Vast stock of our products and spares can be ordered any time
  • Very competitive price compared to our competitors
  • Our engineers are fully trained and have years of vast experience in water & beverage analytical equipment

If you would like to more about our services or would like to enquire about our products or wish to buy some products or spares kindly call us or email us.

New Technology

Technology changes all the time. In our business it is very important to stay with these cutting edge technology to improve our products and services in order to minimise the production waste, reduce production time and improve efficiency.

At BLUE SWAN our Technical director is also head of our research and development team. Our team on a regular basis continue to research new ways to improve the production capacity and also enhance the production type and find way to minimise the waste that happens during production process.

Inspection & Testing

We do through inspection and test our machineries and equipment’s. The main purpose is to identify whether these machineries & equipment can be operated, adjusted and maintained safely – with any deterioration detected and remedied before it results in a health and safety risk.

Some of the small equipment’s may not requires a formal inspection to ensure safety. However, inspection & testing is required for heavy machines where significant risks to health and safety may arise from incorrect installation, reinstallation, deterioration or any other circumstances.

A risk assessment is carried out to determine the inspection requirement for each machineries.

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