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What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis is water purifying technique that uses a semi permeable membrane to remove large particles from drinking water. This removes contaminants from water as water is pushed under pressure through the membrane. RO is the most cost effective demineralisation technology.

Our Reverse Osmosis plant is designed specially on the basis of the water available at the plant area to provide the best functioning plant. We provide multi-level purification plant depending on the client purpose and requirement. We provide fully automated intelligent RO plant that has GSM modem technology. It is used to provide all working parameter information to a remote location (server).

Why Blue Swan RO plant?
  • Blue Swan RO plant is designed special on the basis of the water available at the plant area to provide the best functioning plant.
  • We provide two pass Reverse Osmosis for medical and pharmaceutical company.
  • Our intelligent RO plant includes GSM modem technology that provides all working parameters and error information to remote location. (eg: on a mobile device).
  • Built in CIP system that automatically cleans the system to maintain the optimum quality of the purified water every time we purify water.
  • It maintain the health and hygiene of the membrane and improves its life for longer duration.
  • Increased membrane life reduced the cost of replacement and minimises the expense and maintenance cost.
  • We provide RO plant for house hold, Mineral water plant, Medical and pharmaceutical and beverage companies customised as per the client requirements.
What to do if machine starts to malfunction?

If due to some technical reason machine starts to malfunction kindly refrain from using it and contact our technical department as soon as possible. We would be more than happy to provide you solution on phone or if required send and engineer at the earliest.

What is the prospects of Beverage business in India?

Indian soft drink business is 50 billion rupees business and is growing at the rate of 6-7% per year. There is a huge demand for soft drink all across the country.

  • Non-alcoholic Beverage market in Indian is $5 billion & is expected to grow by 16-18% in next 3 years.
  • Only 25% of the Beverage market is organised the rest 75% is still unorganised.
  • Health beverage market is $300 million & is fastest growing.
  • Soft Drink (carbonated beverage) market is $ 1 billion a year.
  • Packaged drinking water is $65 million crates a year.
  • Abundant supply of raw material and ready availability & affordability of skilled labour.
  • Non-alcoholic Beverage contributes over 1% to India's GDP.
Do you provide Demo of similar plant before we buy?

Yes we do. We will take you to our already running plant and show you real time manufacturing with our equipment's.

Do you provide Demo of similar plant before we buy?

Once you decide to start up with the project. Our Technical team and our Management associates with sit with your and discuss you with every parameter that will be required to successfully implement the project.

It helps your to find out the project feasibilities, cost association and all other requirements that has to be fulfilled while the project will start.

We have existing water plant and we want to add beverage production?

A soft drink beverage production plant is completely different line then a water plant. It will require a different set of filling machine as soda is being punched in. It has also flavour mixer and pasteuriser that comes along with plant.

The benefit you get is it is similar production process and would be a good introduction to your existing business I also adds a good amount to your revenue income.

What subsidies do government provide in beverage production?

Indian government provides various subsidies in food processing. They do have subsidies for Fruit juice and natural food product production. For more enquiry please refer to food processing in India website.

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