Vedansh Water Solutions Pvt ltd
Innovative Food & Beverage Solutions
What We offer?
We offers entire turnkey project implementation along with equipments, Installation, project managment, Plant Equipment servicing & maintenance for the complete production line. It includes:
  • Packaged / Mineral Water bottling plant
  • Beverage solution for soft drinks
  • Beverage solution for Juices & Pulp
  • Beverage solution for Energy Drinks
  • Beverage solution for CAN Juices/Soft Drinks
  • Product Packaging
  • Reverse Osmosis plant
  • Demineralization plant
  • Automatic Pet Blow Machine
  • UV filters & Automation
  • Production line for food processing.
Our Capabilities
We have experience in handling jobs as per specific design and create one of a kind, state of art design to suite client requirements. We have our fabrication factory in Kolkata & Mumbai and in Pondicherry.
  • Developing entire Turnkey Project
  • Modifying existing plant
  • Provide additional machineries
  • continious Research and Development
Who we are?

Started as a domestic water purifier manufacturer, Vedansh Water Solutions Pvt ltd has grown to emerge as a global Food and Beverage Turnkey project developer at any scale. In last 9 years we have been working with beverage manufacturers of every size and stage of business, from start-ups to many of the leading independent Food & beverage manufacturers in the nation.

We have our own manufacturing capability and deliver innovative food and beverage solutions at the quality that is needed by you and to the optimum performance that suite to your budget. We are your complete source of food processing and beverage manufacturing equipment.

From designing and installing a complete Beverage and food production line or a water bottling plant. We aim to help you add new capacity to your existing plant system as well provide a complete new solution. We are known for our customer support at every phase.

Our Team

Blue Swan team Our team consist of 45 people or more and includes technical and management staffs. We have a smooth chain of command that starts with top level management staff’s decision making to works and foreman those who put the final idea and decision making into real products. We have skilled and experience people specific to the domain they work on.

Blue Swan director Our Director Vivek Prasad have an experience of more than 10 years in supplying and manufacturing machines for product Packaging and Beverage filling. His inquisitive mind set has enabled the company core team to think beyond the set parameters. He actively take part with company research and innovation team to develop new machineries that will minimise labour efforts and maximise profit. Mr. Vivek has been working with technical machine manufacturing and maintenance from last 20 years. He has previously worked on various digital equipment related to medical and digital imaging.

Blue Swan team Our other dedicated technical team handles the PET BLOW manufacturing section and have experience of more than 15 years in Pet blow manufacturing industry. We have start of art pet blow manufacturing unit at Mumbai where we manufacture fully automatic and semi-automatic machines.

Our Core Strength
We believe in generating consistent and sustainable Food and Beverage production by providing efficient & smart automatic Plants & Machineries that are made by latest technology available and are customise designed as per client requirements.
Our Vision

Blue Swan Vision To be established as a pioneer in Food & Beverages plant equipments and design, with emphasis on continuous development of products with the highest standard of quality & service provided to the client. To be able to understand consumers need & be forefront in technology acquisition & be a low cost food processing plant manufacturer in the market.

We strive to bring innovative food processing & beverage manufacturing solutions to enable our client face any change in market demand. We drive our cost in everything we do by keeping a positive impact on our community and environment. We aim to deliver excellent value to all of our stake holders.

Our Mission

Blue Swan missionOur mission is to offer client an interminable supply of technology that will equip them with advanced equipment and enable them to produce variety of products and services, which will enable them to be pioneer in processed food and beverage market.

Our effort is to understand our clients 3 C's

  • Challenges
  • Constraints
  • Competition

Thus enable us to offer turnkey project solution on the basis of client specification and requirements.

This includes expert advice on the productivity and continuous maintenance of their unit. We have a state of art R&D that specialises in developing customised water solution design that meets every client requirement.

Vedansh Water Solutions Pvt Ltd

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